Professor of Public Health, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway

Topic :
“Reorienting health services: how can we move from disease management to salutogenesis in health care”

Associate Professor, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway

Topic :
“Between heart and brain – First person accounts of mental Illness in mental health nursing”

Professor of Nursing Management, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia


“Speak up to Improve the Inter professional Collaboration”

Assist. Professor, Faculty of Nursing, Universitas Syiah Kuala, Indonesia


“Understanding Religious Delusion among Muslim: High Prevalence but Inadequate Research”

Professor, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, College of Nursing, Seoul National University, South Korea

Topic :
“Mental health care for vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Achievements and Challenges”

About AINC

We are pleased to invite you to participate on The 5th Aceh International Nursing Conference that annually organized by Faculty of Nursing Universitas Syiah Kuala on September 2022. This year, the conference theme is “Achieving Global Community Health Through Innovation and Interprofessional Collaboration”. We accept abstracts and papers for oral and poster presentation from researchers, academicians, practitioners, policy makers, students, and other stakeholders in nursing and health sciences from around the world.

About USK

Universitas Syiah Kuala (recognizedly abbreviated as USK) is the largest and the oldest national university in Aceh Province, Sumatera, Indonesia. USK was established on June 21st, 1961. The establishment of Unsyiah was driven by a spirit to form an institution to bring the Acehnese to become educated, knowledgeable, and pious to God the Almighty.

USK has a vision to establish itself as an innovative, independent, and outstanding university in term of the development of sciences, technology, humanities, sport and arts, in order to produce qualified graduates who highly honour moral and ethical values.

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